Our Story

Hello Home Property was founded by husband and wife team Peter and Monique Love.

Peter, a wine loving, socially awkward former lawyer turned National General Manager of one of Australia’s largest home building brands. Monique, an entrepreneur at heart with a bold creative spirit and a genuine love for people.
After 6 years in the building industry, Peter saw the increasing challenges to saving a full deposit with higher and higher rents and costs of living. Despite being on good incomes, many of their family and friends were struggling to save and were paying thousands paying off someone else’s mortgage while renting.

Combine that with the difficulties involved in buying a new home, they saw a genuine need for a service that firstly could help buyers in:

Our purpose is to bring people joy through the process of buying their first property, and to enable them to do it sooner through deposit assistance.

Our core value is transparency. This is an industry filled with smoke and mirrors. We will always be upfront and clear with you through every stage.

We only want to work with people we know we can genuinely help and build a long-term relationship with.

We live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, have 2 kids, Capri and Heath, and a few other creatures.

If you haven’t yet bought your first home, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help.



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