High-performing, hassle free property investment for the time-poor investor.

Whether this is your first investment or your 27th, we can take the stress and hassle out of your purchase.


You understand the value of investing in the right property for the long term. 

The challenge? Finding the right properties. 

That’s where we come in. 


 Let’s keep it simple! Two main criteria: 

Strong Capital Growth Prospects

For us it’s all about  the indicators of Capital Growth in that particular market / property class:

  • The supply currently available and foreacasted, through current DA’s, available sites, and zoning, versus the demand.
  • Current and forecasted infrastructure, included transport, schools, retail and commercial precincts.
  • Liveability! Good places to eat and drink, walking paths, parks, safety! We closely assess vacancy rates over the past decade.
  • Employment opportunities, where the jobs go, so do the people.
  • The demographics of the area, in particular the median income levels compared to median property prices.

Neutral or Positive Yield 

Secondly, to ensure a sustainable portfolio, we also seek a strong Yield for our clients investment properties.

We aim for a neutral or positively yielding property, so that day to day cash-flow isn’t affected.


First, we understand your financial situation and lifestyle requirements and with the assistance of your bank / broker help determine your budget / borrowing capacity.

We then search far and wide to provide the best possible property options, complete with rental appraisals, cash-flow breakdowns, depreciation schedules and investment fundamentals. We then take care of everything to make it happen. 


It’s a challenging environment to buy right now, but there are still many exceptional areas to invest. 

Since our inception, all of our clients have made significant equity growth on their properties, and many are onto their 2nd and 3rd investments with us. 

 Get in touch today to see what options are available. 

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