Starting fresh

made simple.

Simplifying and streamling the knock down rebuild process taking the stress out of it. Let us bring your vision to life with an expereinced team on your side to manage the project.


site assessment &

demolition approval

1. Contact the Hello Home team for a free initial site assessment.

2. Review council plans and establish your objectives

3. The demolition specialist will visit the site for their assessment. They will also take care of the demolition approvals process with council


New home design

1. Choose your design and layout

2. Choose your inclusions

3. Sign off and approve your beautiful home design

4. Final contract is signed off

5. Style your new home

6. Engineering is completed

7. We will apply for your building permit



1. Existing services will need to be terminated

2. Your home is demolished

3. After the demolition secondary site reports will be arranged:

4. Soil test

5. Contour survey

6. ID Survey

7. Final site costs will be confirmed



1. Construction date is set!

2. Meet your build supervisor

3. Sit back and enjoy your dream becoming a reality

4. Progress payments at each stage

5. Handover of your new home

before & after


At Hello Home we are here to help bring your build project to life.

Let us know your project below and we can help you understand all your options and take the stress out of your new home or renovation.

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