Buy your first home sooner

Whether a timber-floored townhouse, a custom new build, or an inner city apartment, we can help you get there faster.


If you are tired of renting, living with the in-laws, or struggling to save that full deposit, talk to us about how you can purchase your first property sooner. 

You Don’t Need a Large Deposit. 

On top of the Queensland Government’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) of $15,000, we are able to help with a further contribution to your deposit between $5k and $20k. How? Some smart negotiation with builders and developers. We’ve helped clients get into new homes across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or the Gold Coast for less than $15,000 in savings. 

Let us take care of everything

We manage every step of the process for you, from helping you find your most suitable property, to securing your First Home Owners Grant and applying for your loan, to managing your contracts, conveyancing and approvals, and overseeing your new build to ensure it is built on time and to a very high standard.

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We are 100% independent

We want to find the most suitable property for you and your family, and we are not affiliated with any developer or builder, meaning we can help you choose from everything available in the market.

We simply work with you to find the best property for you and your families circumstances, and then negotiate and strategise about how you can get you in

100's of Locations in QLD

We search every suitable property we have available across 100's of land estates and developments in South East Queensland.

This might be a townhouse, an apartment, or a modern 4 bedroom family home. Our main requirements is that it needs to be off the plan, new or not-yet lived in, be a safe and vibrant area to live, and have strong capital growth prospects for your future.

Ready to Move In.

Our properties are 100% ready to move in, with driveways, landscaping, window coverings, everything included. We also want you to be proud of your new home. All of our properties include stone benchtops to the kitchen and bathrooms, high ceilings, air-conditioning, and European appliances. We have also negotiated excellent rates for upgrades to your specification.

High Quality of Build

You want your build to not only look good on arrival, but to be built to last for years to come. We only work with builders who have an exceptional build quality record, structural guarantees and a reputation for standing by their word when things go wrong. We also cover the cost of an independent building inspector to ensure that the build quality is to the highest standard.



Let's have a chat, get to know each other.

We genuinely want to find the best solution for you and your family. This may or may not be going ahead with buying your first home. 

We’ll ask a bunch of questions and you can decide whether you like us or not, and we can agree on the best way forward. We like to do this in a no obligation meeting in person. 


Assess your borrowing capacity

This is the most important part, how much will you be able to borrow to get into your first home. We have partnered with a specialist First Home Construction finance broker, the best we know, to give you a no-fuss assessment on your borrowing capacity. Having expert advice in this area makes a real difference. 

We will do this in the first meeting.  


Let's find the perfect property

We search land developments large and small in the area you want to live to find you the best block possible within your capacity. We then present you with three options. 

We are your advocate to negotiate with the builders and land developers to get the best deal.

We will set up a 2nd meeting to go through all the options that meet your requirements. 



Our mortgage brokers will take care of your First Home Owners Grant application and the loan application to the bank. 

Our finance partners have an in-depth understand of what the banks need to see, and will work with you to give you the best chance of a successful application. 



Contracts & Approvals

We cover the cost of your legals, and you have access to a top lawyer who will advise on the land contract and see this through to settlement. 

We also advise you on the build contract and keep the builder accountable to get the council approvals through and the site ready for construction. 


The Build &

The build commences and we will keep you updated weekly with its progress. Where possible, we will also try and get you onto your site at least 3 times throughout the build to show you the progress. This is the exciting part!

We retain an independent building inspector to monitor the quality and progress of the build and keep the builder to our high standards. 


the negotiations on your selected property; 

the FHOG Application and Loan Application to the Bank. 

the conveyancing and settlement of land. 

the Council and Covenant Applications; and

inspecting the builders workmanship and build times through each stage of the build. 

THEN WE hand you the keys to your brand new home.


We work with all new property across South East Queensland.


We work with developers and sales agents across all of SEQ, from Noosa to Brisbane to Toowoomba to the Gold Coast. Our days are spent exploring what is available in each of these market so we can offer you every option at any point in time. 

We have access to properties not yet on the market, and know what is coming up where and when, to time your purchase right.


2. Your lifestyle

The block or property needs to fit within your desired lifestyle, work  and education requirements. 

No one wants to spend the majority of their time commuting, so finding a location close to your work and schools, with parks, cafes and restaurants nearby is critical. 

We also look for walkways, nearby waterways / beaches, anything which will increase the livability of the block. 


We want your property to grow in value every year, and build your wealth. We look a number of factors to assess the capital growth potential of your block including:

  1. Current and future infrastructure and investment in the area
  2. Current unemployment rates, demographics inc. average salary, % home owners, etc. 
  3. Current vacancy rates in the area
  4. Previous capital growth and future growth forecasts.


Purchasing your first home isn’t the right choice for everyone, renting does have it’s place. 

However if you are in a position to settle down, here are some of the reasons to make the step into owning your first home. 

Financial Freedom

It is all about where you want to be in 5 years. If you are paying $450/week in rent, it equates to $117k over 5 years. Do you want to pay this toward your landlords mortgage or your own? By getting into the market, you may also see a rise of potentially $50 - $150k in your property's value. Make the decision now for your future self.

Stability and Security

You no longer need to deal with the whims of landlords or property managers for inspections or non-renewals of leases. You can plan your future knowing that you are in control of where you live and where you want to live in the future.


It is genuinely a good time to get into the market. All State Governments are offering attractive First Home Owner grants, in Queensland it is at $15,000. Interest rates are low and stable, and there are still plenty of affordable, quality properties in the market.


If you are serious about getting into the market, the first step is always finance.

Buying a property is a serious endeavour and we take providing advice seriously.

We like to meet for 45 minutes, to provide you with a detailed understanding of what is possible in your situation, from how much you can borrow, to what properties are available, and how we can help.

Our meetings are 100% free, no obligation and we just want to help more people take that first step into the market. 

Book below. 


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